Joe, Sam, and Tonka - Dec. 13 - Family Session

I went to visit Joe, Sam, and their baby pup Tonka this morning.  It was a perfect morning for an outdoor session regardless of the cloudy overcast sky.  I can't get over that it's mid-December and we are having such great weather!  Normally outdoor sessions are done and over with by now!  I say this as I'm knocking on wood...I don't want to jynx ourselves.  We all know how cooperative and completely predictable New England weather can be...can you sense the sarcasm?! =)

Anyway, Sam was looking ever so lovely and Joe was all cleaned up and ready to go.  For being a man he was very cooperative and easy going for his session and even posed for one with his pup! Something I know Sam's going to cherish for a long time. <3 Tonka was more interested in eating carrots and wanted next to nothing to do with me! But we managed to snag some of him looking all cute and dapper in his candy cane bandanna!

I loved spending my morning with these three!