Girls Day! <3


It was a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to have some friends over! They brought their girls and I had my girls...making it a grand total of 7 girls!

My poor husband was hardly seen as he had hid all day.  I can't blame him. ;)

It was so nice spending the day with these ladies.  Before they left I had to snap a few. <3 I wish they'd stop growing though...I remember when they were born.  Kenz was our miracle girl who couldn't wait to take over our hearts and came early weighing in at just over a pound at 1lb 2oz.  Now she's running, jumping, climbing, and rolling around like she owns this world. (I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did one day...)  While Hannah was born the day after my Audrey was born.  Her mom and I talked every day as we waited impatiently to meet them.  We met as bridesmaids in a wedding.  We had to try on dresses and we both had JUST found out we were pregnant.  We were trying to figure out what sizes to get not knowing how big we would be 9 months later.  I was due almost two weeks after her but I ended up having Audrey on Hannah's actual due date.  I'm so grateful to have had these girls during that time in my life.

Hannah wasn't having her pictures, but we did manage to get one that has been a fan favorite over on our Facebook page.  I decided to mix it up a bit and convert it to B&W.  I can't decide which one I like more now... <3

Not only was the weather beautiful...but so was my company.  I'm so happy they made the trip out.  It was a last minute plan...the best kind! <3