Dandelion Wild Photography - Massachusetts Baby Photographer - One Year Cake Smash - Blue and Green Theme

I knew this was going to be a good session when this was the first picture I saw behind the camera.

Garrett is a bruiser. He's go go go and is fearless. He loves to climb and run and keep his Momma and Daddy on their toes.

Sweetest family ever.

Mum has quite the reflexes and her reaction time is on point. But I guess you have to with a little guy as active and carefree as Garrett.

I went to high school with Garrett's Mom and Dad and one thing that always stood out about his Dad was his love for that rush of adrenaline.  I have a feeling little G is right behind him! But even if he gives his Momma a few too many mild heart attacks...I think the love, happiness, and joy he will bring right behind that will surely out weigh it all. <3

He's the cutest little guy and so so so happy! You can tell he gets lots and lots of lovin'.

My clients all know how much I LOVE cake smashes! They are one of my favorite sessions (Tied with Newborns and Weddings!) to photograph and I love how I get to get a little extra creative and I get to give these sweet little babe's CAKE! Too bad they won't ever remember this...if they did I'd probably be one of their most favorite people in the world.  (At least that's what I like to think.) ;)

Garrett LOVED his cake! He was very clean about it at first.  But once he realized everyone was laughing and smiling at him, he let loose and went to town.

One thing I like to do at cake smashes, is step back for a moment and just watch my families.  It's the sweetest.  Little babe's feeding their mumma's and daddy's cake.  Mumma's running around scrambling for some wipeys and Daddy's laughing and catching their little babe's when they run away. <3 It's a wonderful and memorable time. It really is.

Every client is so special and unique. Garrett has THE CUTEST feet I've ever seen in my life. (And I'm not really a foot fan.) He looks just like his momma and built just like his dad. It's the most perfect little combination of the two. <3 I asked Garrett what he wanted for his birthday.  If he told me a four wheeler, I probably would have gotten it for him.  He's so charming with his blue green squinty little eyes while he gives you that sweet smile.  He, along with all the other little babes, are such a blessing to this world.

I'm so thankful I get to do what I love with such amazingly wonderful people.