Make it look easy

How to do it all...and make it look easy...

I ran into an old client of mine (from the previous business I worked for) the other day at my girls' gymnastics class.  I actually recognized her children first...and I just couldn't place them! Being a teacher and at the beginning of my career, I've worked and student taught in so many districts and schools within them over the years that I honestly almost wrote them off as old student's of mine.  But something was telling me I had it all wrong. Mom and I got to talking and I told her her children look so familiar to me and we made an attempt to connect in some way. We eventually came to the conclusion after some serious brainstorming and reminisced about how little they were at their session! It felt great to make the connection and see how much her kids have grown. They are seriously the cutest and have the BLUEST eyes ever!

We got to talking about my jobs and our kids, etc.  At the same moment I was trying to watch my oldest on the balance beam, while reading to my youngest who was climbing on me with two other children standing by listening to the story, all while talking with her as her son was poking me with a piece of plastic play cheese.

She looked at me, sympathized for me, and asked me..."How do you do it all?"

How DO I do it all? I thought.

I have ALWAYS had two jobs.  Ever since I was able to work.  I worked multiple jobs at all times. (While I was in college, at one point, I had three jobs.) Why? Because I love to be busy! I love to work. I love to have skills and be good at what I do. I love teaching. I love being a part of the community and watching those children grow academically. I love building students up and giving them confidence in themselves for their future which is so so so important. A job I just can't give up. I love photography and how that scratches my creative itch. I love the people I get to meet and the families I get to watch grow. I love to snuggle babies and give families images they cherish forever. Literally, forever. The first thing they would grab if their house was on fire is their photos. Bar none. How lucky am I that I get to provide families with something of such value?

I love raising my family. I love seeing them happy and healthy. I love taking the girls to their gymnastics classes, basketball, and soccer practices. I love day trips and our little vacation getaways. Making memories and documenting milestones. I spend every day after school with them. Teaching them how to play and learn new skills. (My oldest just learned how to ride a two wheeler and my two year old rides a bike with training wheels!) They LOVE geocaching and hiking to a view. They love trips to the library for new books to read. After dinner we play games, we snuggle, we read, and just be together. I absolutely love doing all of those things.

My husband is my biggest fan, my most avid supporter. I take very good care of him and make sure I balance my time to make sure he knows how much I love him. Always. <3 We exercise together. We watch a few of the same TV shows here and there. We take turns doing certain "chores" so we don't burn out. He knows me. He gets me. He knows what buttons to push and exactly when to stop. He knows I'm not a morning person and he makes my coffee perfectly every single morning. I write little notes in his lunches and make him dinner every night. <3 He surprises us with take out, just so I don't have to cook again tonight. It's just what we do. And it's easy.

I surround myself with positive, loving, selfless people who are worth making time for. It's easy to make time for people you want to see and be with.

I have the best family in the world that would bend over backwards for me (and has), and I would return that for them. Time spent with them is my favorite and we do it often.

After thinking about all these things, it became obvious how I go about doing it all and making it look so easy.

And if you take anything away from this little story...please, let it be this:

It's easy to do it all...when you are always doing exactly what it is you love to do.