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Mr. and Mrs. Ron Corliss – Rockingham Hill Farm - Bellows Falls, Vermont - Dandelion Wild Photography - Central MA Wedding Photographer


I had the honor of photographing Ron and Lily’s wedding on a Saturday afternoon on August 19, 2017. The entire week prior, the weather man reported thunder and lightening in Bellows Falls, Vermont, but somehow last minute, that changed and the sun decided to shine.  It turned into a perfect 80 degree day. Their wedding was gorgeous in the midst of an old farm tucked away on a secluded back road.  The venue’s caretaker was managing the property upon my arrival, checking the twinkle lights surrounding the property to make sure they were in working order for once the sun went down.

You enter the property from the parking lot by crossing a little bridge between a forest of trees. There are benches speckled in conveniently throughout; all conveniently under trees for shade facing the property which has spectacular views. The caretaker even informed me that you can see New Hampshire from the top of the hill which Ron and Lily did venture up for some beautiful pictures.


The ceremony was set to start at 4:30 in the afternoon. The sun was shining bright right over the hill that surrounds the farm. Ron arrived on an old farm tractor and Lily and her girls arrived on the back of a vintage antique truck. The ladies looked incredible and the gentleman were smashing.  And their entrance turned everyone’s heads.

The aisle was lined with white hydrangeas which also adorned the arbor. It was tucked away at the bottom of the hill surrounded by blooming yellow wild flowers and a small sunflower patch.

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Lily looked stunning. She really did. Absolutely incredible. Her dress was champagne with a white lace overlay that flowed behind her as she approached. Her veil was cathedral length with scalloped lace around the edges and really added the finishing touch to such a gorgeous ensemble. Ron’s reaction when he saw his soon to be wife walking towards him was especially touching and really solidified to everyone how special she is to him.


Jane did an amazing job as the officiant. The words she chose were touching and seemed to speak to the families who were present, as well as Ron and Lily. I love the way Ron looks at Lily. He is head over heels in love with that girl. How lucky are they to have found love in one another?


The bridal party was a blast. Bridal parties are important because they set the tone for how the night is going to go. Their entrance into the reception area is what gets the crowd going. Their entrance consisted of many epic dance moves which got everyone in the room laughing and clapping and just really enjoying their time spent together.


My favorite part of this wedding was the freedom for their guests. There were so many cool spots to just hang out and chill out. They had a fire pit with the essentials for making smores, a bucket of bubble wands which made for some pretty cool pictures of the kids. They also had camping areas set up for friends and family who wanted to spend the night, corn hole, and a stage with snacks and drinks to pour.  Their guest book was so cute! It’s the same thing we had done at our wedding and I’m so glad that we did. It’s one of my favorite books to take out here and there because it is chuck full of the most hilarious photos and words of wisdom.  Ron and Lily set up a station where their guests could take a picture of themselves with a polaroid camera and sign it with a note. If you are getting married, or if you eventually plan to, I highly recommend doing this. The guests have a blast doing it and the photos are priceless and you get some pretty sweet and hilarious notes.


Ron works on a dairy farm and his lifestyle of growing up on a farm strongly influenced the theme throughout the evening. They served their guests a traditional barbecue spread and it didn’t take long for the hats to come on and the heels to come off. I’m a big fan of custom weddings. Traditional weddings are beautiful, of course. But I love when brides and grooms really make it their own. It keeps their guests waiting for more. The day lasts late into the evening and everyone just loves a surprise. Gorgeous, well thought out touches.


I love weddings because I get to witness extended families coming together. Everyone reserves the date and makes a serious effort to be there. It’s not every day you get to have everyone you love under one roof. At a wedding, I get to see that. I get to see families, their dynamics. I get to see families come together and sometimes they haven’t seen each other in months…sometimes years. I get to see generations. I get to see proud parents, now great grandparents, see their children’s , children’s, children get married. How incredible is that? I get to see two families become one and blend in and mingle and get to know each other. Introducing themselves and discussing the bride and groom and how their related and sharing memories that stand out the most. I get to watch children run wild and smirk knowing they’re staying up well past their usual bed time.


We ended the night with some evening photos on the tractor Ron rolled in on. Perfect way to top of the evening.


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Corliss. Lily and Ron, your wedding day was a privilege to witness. Thank you for choosing me to capture it.



Natasha xo