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One Year Old Cake Smash Session - Ladybug Theme

I love meeting new people!  I just love people and families and how uniquely dynamic they all are.  This family was so kind and super fun!  They were willing to do just about anything to get their little peanut to smile and laugh!  And what a happy and content baby she was!  She just went with the flow and really rocked her session.

We started off with some family photos. My favorite photos are natural and organic ones.  When a family just hangs out and loves on each other.  What better way to capture a family then in their element; together and madly in love.

Once we finished capturing some perfect moments outside, we moved it on inside to change her outfit and take a few more.  These are my favorite.  I just love creamy neutrals.

She's just absolutely stunning. After quick snack, I started setting up for her cake smash!  Her smash was a ladybug theme and it was probably my most challenging to imagine when I was designing her backdrop.  I didn't want to take away from her, knowing she'd be all decked out in her ladybug tutu.  So, I found a little inspiration in a box I have that has sunflowers and ladybugs.  This was the outcome...

As always, Amanda at Cakes by Amanda in Barre, MA did a fantastic job on the smash cake.

As always, Amanda at Cakes by Amanda in Barre, MA did a fantastic job on the smash cake.

Now, this little sweetie has a sweet tooth or two.  She loved her cake.  She didn't exactly destroy it...but she did enjoy it! <3


She was perfect! I could have photographed her all day long. <3 Such a cutie

Happy Birthday, Ladybug! <3

Six Year Old Photo Session - Spring Session - Wildflowers - Worcester, Massachusetts Area Photographer

Six was tough on me.  It feels the same as when your newborn baby turns one month old and you notice they forgot how to curl up like they did in the womb.  Their feet no longer curve to their body.  Their legs are stretched out as far as they can go... growing...growing...growing... and not stopping anytime soon.  It was as hard as the day you noticed the bubbles on their toes are gone from months of walking.  It was as hard as the first time she was left with her grandparents...wondering if she thought we abandoned her. It was that hard.

Well, it happened.  She's six now. There's no turning back. I remember sitting in the hospital bed.  My family and closest friends surrounding us.  My husband leaning over me and gazing down at her.  I lost it when he whispered to her "Thanks for making me Dad."  She was such a beautiful newborn.  She had the biggest green eyes that were so alert and so curious.  She found her thumb and nursed it. Since that day she has taken on the world by storm.

You know that expression, "She lights up the room."  well, she really does.  Everywhere we go someone is excited to see her!  She's a good friend with a beautiful soul. She cares about all lives. She is cautious but brave.  She is adventurous but sticks close to home.  She's shy but opens up quickly and has a lot to say.  She's reluctant to try new things, but tends to be good at most things.  And when she's not, she gives it her all.  She may shed a tear or two but she works hard and celebrates her accomplishments.

She loves a good adventure.  Hiking is her favorite past-time.  She wishes it was a sport you play at school.  It's pretty cool to watch your child who looks just like her Daddy morph into a little you when it comes to personality.  I'm so thankful her passions mirror mine.  I can relate to her and build a strong relationship that way.

She has written books.  So many books.  Beautiful books with story lines and characters with feelings and traits.  She's an amazing reader with the thirst to collect as many books and read as many books as she can.  She doesn't care if it's beyond her level.  She'll try it.  Fearless.

There are so many things I love about her.  Like the noise she makes when she's mad.  It's a cross between a happy goose and an angry mother hen.  It's a quick noise that makes us laugh and turns her mood around. 

I'm proud of our girl. I pinch myself often wondering if I'm in a dream.  Nope. This is real life.

All of us as parents are madly in love with beautiful beings, whom we made or were given.  We get to take care of them and bless them with all of what life has to offer and watch them grow and experience amazing things.  We are so lucky, aren't we?




Newborn Baby Boy

Sweet new family of three. &lt;3

Sweet new family of three. <3

11 day old Luca came to see us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  He came in, woke up, had a snack, and then decided he didn't want to go back to sleep just yet. We hung out for a bit, everyone got to know each other as we oo-ed and aw-ed over this sweet baby boy!

He was a feisty one, that's for sure.  But once mom lulled her boy back to sleep...we captured some truly beautiful images.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

One of my favorite props was build by my Dad.  He is quite the carpenter.  He's a busy guy so the fact that he took the time out of his day to make this for me, really meant a lot.  I love the neutral tones and the natural texture of the white birch.  Natural and neutral has always been a favorite of mine.

Sweet Sleepy Baby Boy

Sweet Sleepy Baby Boy

I could have snuggled the afternoon away with this sweet babe.

Thank you for spending your afternoon with me G family. <3

Enjoy every fleeting moment.

A little before and after...

So once in awhile I like to go back to an old folder and click on an image I edited back then and re-edit it.  Today I chose the moose that walked through my front yard.  

For those of you who know know my love of moose.  They are my favorite animal.  I have always wanted to see a live one in the wild.  My husband and I take a trip to Vermont every year to increase the percentage of my chances of seeing a wild moose in it's natural habitat.  My oldest and I are avid hikers...we go frequently and my expectation is to see a moose...never has it ever happened...until this day.

When I saw this moose...I was working full time teaching online from my home.  I was teaching first and second graders for Massachusetts Virtual Academy.  I loved that job.  I loved those kids.  And teaching from home was such an experience.  One thing I'll never forget was sitting at my kitchen table teaching my second grade students how to dissect mathematical word problems and search for keywords that tell you what you need to do...when out of the corner of my eye I saw a massive hairy animal walk by my living room window.  Now mind you...I'm in the middle of a class.  I unplug my lap top and run to the window immediately assuming that someone's horse was loose!  Now I live in a very large farm town that is heavily populated with horses, cows, goats, and the chances of this happening are very high.  I opened the door and all of her sweet glory...was a baby moose looking back at me.

I took my headphones off...shut my laptop (in the middle of my class) and ran to get my camera.  I prayed she didn't run away while I did this.  I had my 85mm on at the time and didn't have time to switch it...I ran outside and snapped a few of this little baby girl in the yard.  She then headed towards the road and towards town.  (Or what we would consider the center of town...)  Before she dipped into the woods...she looked back at me this memory of my first ever wild moose sighting frozen forever for me to keep.

When I first edited this photo...I'm not sure what I was thinking...I certainly didn't have the skills I have today...and I edited that just 9 months ago. The top image lacks definition and contrast.  It's cool and warm and there isn't a balance between the two.  I always favor warmer images...but I definitely fell short there.   My second image I re-edited yesterday with skills I have learned in the workshops and classes I am currently participating in and have participated in in the past.  I am drawn to images that are vibrant...I want my work to reflect the qualities I love in images I like to look at.  I want my images to be good to look at.  I want my clients to see consistency in my work so that when they come to me they know exactly what to expect out of me.

Those with the eye for photography may notice that I didn't edit out the guardrail again.  I did this because I plan on entering this photo into the photo contest being held in town.  They are requesting entrants submit photos of every season that represents our town.  I plan on taking a picture this winter to submit.  That way I have winter and spring submissions.  I want this image to best represent our town...editing out the guardrail would just be silly!  So it is there and it remains in all of it's ugliness. ;)

It's amazing how far I have come in just 9 months alone.  Eventually I plan on going back to see if I can find any images from 2013...when I first started working professionally.  I'd love to see the progression from that point to now. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below! =)



Joe, Sam, and Tonka - Dec. 13 - Family Session

I went to visit Joe, Sam, and their baby pup Tonka this morning.  It was a perfect morning for an outdoor session regardless of the cloudy overcast sky.  I can't get over that it's mid-December and we are having such great weather!  Normally outdoor sessions are done and over with by now!  I say this as I'm knocking on wood...I don't want to jynx ourselves.  We all know how cooperative and completely predictable New England weather can be...can you sense the sarcasm?! =)

Anyway, Sam was looking ever so lovely and Joe was all cleaned up and ready to go.  For being a man he was very cooperative and easy going for his session and even posed for one with his pup! Something I know Sam's going to cherish for a long time. <3 Tonka was more interested in eating carrots and wanted next to nothing to do with me! But we managed to snag some of him looking all cute and dapper in his candy cane bandanna!

I loved spending my morning with these three!