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Dandelion Wild Photography - One Year Cake Smash - Massachusetts Photographer - Watermelon Theme Cake Smash

I snapped this one real quick while she loved up on her little man.

I snapped this one real quick while she loved up on her little man.

Mom and I started working together after she came back from maternity leave this passed school year.  She is a work horse and is one of the kindest people I know.  She is a soft spoken mom and is so patient and sweet.  I loved seeing her in this role as a mother.  <3

Turning one year is so bittersweet. Your little babe is slowly growing up into a toddler. Losing those chubby baby cheeks and leg and arm rolls slowly disappearing as your baby grows longer.  There's so much to look forward to as your baby grows.  But for some reason, us mom's can't help but long for those days where our little ones were just 10 pounds of pure baby with arms and legs they can't control, big eyes that look all around, and that smell that permeates from their hair...ugh take me back!

This one year old babe was so sweet! He has those eyes that smile when he does. <3 Smiling eyes are my favorite.

Mom chose a watermelon theme for his cake smash and it was so cute! He loved his backdrop so much he wanted to try a taste! <3

At the end of his session, we washed him up in the tub and took a few photos while he splashed. <3 Such a cutie!

Happy Birthday, little man! <3

One Year Old Cake Smash Session - Ladybug Theme

I love meeting new people!  I just love people and families and how uniquely dynamic they all are.  This family was so kind and super fun!  They were willing to do just about anything to get their little peanut to smile and laugh!  And what a happy and content baby she was!  She just went with the flow and really rocked her session.

We started off with some family photos. My favorite photos are natural and organic ones.  When a family just hangs out and loves on each other.  What better way to capture a family then in their element; together and madly in love.

Once we finished capturing some perfect moments outside, we moved it on inside to change her outfit and take a few more.  These are my favorite.  I just love creamy neutrals.

She's just absolutely stunning. After quick snack, I started setting up for her cake smash!  Her smash was a ladybug theme and it was probably my most challenging to imagine when I was designing her backdrop.  I didn't want to take away from her, knowing she'd be all decked out in her ladybug tutu.  So, I found a little inspiration in a box I have that has sunflowers and ladybugs.  This was the outcome...

As always, Amanda at Cakes by Amanda in Barre, MA did a fantastic job on the smash cake.

As always, Amanda at Cakes by Amanda in Barre, MA did a fantastic job on the smash cake.

Now, this little sweetie has a sweet tooth or two.  She loved her cake.  She didn't exactly destroy it...but she did enjoy it! <3


She was perfect! I could have photographed her all day long. <3 Such a cutie

Happy Birthday, Ladybug! <3

One Year Cake Smash - Pink and Gold Theme

I just adore this family.  I had the honor of shooting Miss Kendyll's auntie's wedding where I was able to meet everyone they love.  It was such a blast and it really encompassed the true meaning of family.  I live in a small town where farming of all kinds is prevalent and when I first moved here, I just remember how sweet the P family was to me every time I'd stop in to stock up on fruit and vegetables.  I have really enjoyed getting to watch their family grow over the years.

She has the most beautiful eyes. &lt;3

She has the most beautiful eyes. <3

When I first started out professionally, I had the opportunity to work with Kendyll's family except Kendyll wasn't even thought of then!  Her big brother was just born and I was learning and practicing how to pose newborns safely.  It was one of my first newborn sessions.  I remember it so vividly because it was one of my first experiences with newborn photography.

Now Miss Ken is ONE and I'm so happy I've been given the opportunity to watch everyone grow and the family get bigger.  She was THE MOST beautiful newborn with her sweet little face and long dark hair!  She had so much hair!  She was so fussy that day!  She just wanted her Momma to hold her and rock her.

When she came in to see me this weekend, she was so laid back and sweet.  She went with the flow and barely made a fuss.  She was so cute with her cake.  Her brothers dove right in, but Kendyll was a little more dainty about it.  ;) I loved spending time with her and her Mum.  Thank you for spending your morning with me! <3